Things I Learned So Far This Summer About Writing:

I've had an interesting summer so far. Here are some of the highlights: Don't fight with CreateSpace. I didn't have the knowledge to bend CreateSpace to my will. This doesn't mean that I never will, but I had to back down on things I wanted in favor of time and simplicity. Does that mean I … Continue reading Things I Learned So Far This Summer About Writing:

#Smutchat Writer’s Platform Giveaway

Thank you for joining #smutchat tonight! I hope you enjoyed talking about writer's platform! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to chat about during one of my chats, let me know! It doesn't have to be about smut/romance--anything about writing/publishing/editing and everything in-between will do! Tonight's giveaway is the wonderful book … Continue reading #Smutchat Writer’s Platform Giveaway

CreateSpace Adventures Continue

Monday I received my proofs from CreateSpace. For the past week I've been going through the first one (Novellas 1 - 3) editing them, looking for typos, and checking formatting. It's taking a long time, and today I resubmitted the first one again. I found some typos (probably not all of them, but c'est la … Continue reading CreateSpace Adventures Continue

What to Think About When Writing and Publishing a Series

There is a lot to consider when writing and publishing a series. I wrote a novella series called Summer Secrets. The collection consists of six novellas—the shortest being 25,000 words, the longest 32,000. I wrote them one right after the next without a break. The novellas each feature a couple and they are chronological—the next … Continue reading What to Think About When Writing and Publishing a Series

#Smutchat Conflict Giveaway

Thank you for participating in #smutchat! I hope you're having fun and maybe picking up some writing tips and tricks as we go along. Today's giveaway is Master Lists for Writers by Bryn Donovan (@BrynDonovan ). She has a lovely website too--check it out here. As always, this giveaway is open internationally. Good luck! You'll love this … Continue reading #Smutchat Conflict Giveaway