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While drowning his sorrows in a small downtown bar, Ben Langdon meets Lila. Only problem? She’s taken. Cutting his losses, he heads home. Intercepted by a phone call from a stranger pleading for help and an address he doesn’t recognize, Ben is led to The Maze, an eerie dance club of which he knows little except its motto: “One way in. No way out.” Leaving behind the woman of his dreams, Ben steps into the nightmare of his life.

On the Corner of Hamilton and Main

As Lila Donahue is acting as maid of honor for her best friend, she meets Ben in a little downtown bar on the night of the bachelorette party. He disappears into the cold night’s air, and because of the celebration, Lila tries to forget him. Later that night, much to Lila’s dismay, the bride-to-be wants to party at The Maze. Reluctantly, Lila participates only to be pulled into a reality that exceeds all her wildest dreams.

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Finding her way to Washington from Minnesota, Avery makes the journey to claim land she inherited from a man she never met. Will she find what she’s looking for in the stranger she meets there? Or has she made the trip for naught?

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Summer Secrets
This collection of novellas is currently being edited, and the release date has not been determined.
Six couples vacation at a lakeside resort in a small town called Poplar Point. Each couple keeps secrets from each other. When those secrets are revealed, will they make those couples stronger, or tear them apart?
Find out soon!