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Mitch has given up on love . . . until he meets her.

Burned in a horrific accident, he never believed he could find a woman who would see past his scars.

But she makes him face more than just his fears of a broken heart.Is he brave enough to do what it takes to keep her love?

Callie hides her secrets . . . she’s afraid if Mitch discovers them, he won’t want her.

When their relationship turns too hot to handle, she’ll have to decide if it’s time to fight fire with fire, or if it’s time to walk away before she gets burned.


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Jared didn’t want to fall in love . . . 

then he picks up Leah from the airport, and he knows he has no choice.

When his wife left him to move to New York to work for popular magazine, Jared swore he’d find a woman who loved small-town living as much as he did.

Leah is not that woman. He just has to make his heart believe it.

Leah hates living in New York . . . but she can’t leave the big-city stress for small-town love.

Or can she?

With responsibilities she can’t ignore, Leah will have to choose between the safe life she’s been living in the city, or risking it all for Jared’s love and the wide-open spaces that will heal her heart.


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Logan Draper hates Rocky Point. 

He never intended to come back, but when his best friend asks him to be a groomsman in a wedding held in their hometown, Logan has to accept. 

His father’s fists aren’t the only thing he left behind.

When he escaped to go to college, he barely said goodbye to his high school sweetheart, and in eighteen years, they never contacted each other.

But after an accidental encounter, he admits that even after all this time he’s still in love with her.

What can he do to make her give him another chance?

A chance he doesn’t deserve.

Ivy Graves hates Logan Draper with all her heart.

Abandoned by her high school love and best friend, she’s dealt with her own tragedies since he left.

Now Logan’s back, asking for forgiveness and another chance.

Ivy knows how to take care of herself; she doesn’t need Logan.

But does she want him enough to learn to trust him again, or should she tell him to go to
hell . . . a place she’s been living for the past eighteen years?


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Autumn Bennett still loves Cole McClure . . . despite the fact he made a terrible mistake.

She can never forgive him . . . even though he still loves her, too.

All Cole ever wanted was Autumn . . . but he wasn’t the only one who made a horrible mistake.

Now they’re both in Rocky Point free to be together, but is there too much standing in their way?

Secrets and lies are only the start.

Resentment and regret may be their end.

Join Autumn and Cole in the exciting conclusion to A Rocky Point Wedding Series!


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He fell in love . . . with a woman he can’t have.

Matthew knows his business partner’s daughter is off limits, but that doesn’t stop him from having one forbidden night with her.

Someone finds out.

Now he must do the unthinkable to keep her safe . . . break her heart.

Zia is in love with her father’s best friend. 

She knows it’s wrong . . . but she can’t stop.

When her father falls deathly ill, family secrets are exposed.

Her trust in Matthew is shattered.

Is his love worth fighting for?

Or will she walk away forever?

If you adore older men/younger women romances, then grab The Years Between Us today!


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all of nothing second coverjpg

Jaxon Brooks is rich, sexy, and mean as a snake. 

It’s no surprise when his fiancé leaves him at the altar. But now what is he going to do? 

To save face, he blackmails the church janitor, forcing her to stand in for his bride, and he fights an unwanted attraction as she walks down the aisle.

Raven Grey is homeless.

Jax terrifies her, and left with no choice, she does what he says.

But she has desperate demands of her own. She needs help getting back on her feet, and Jax has the resources to help her.

When Jax moves Raven into his mansion, playing house starts to feel like the real thing. But how long can it last?

Buried under Jax’s rough demeanor is a horrible secret that won’t stay hidden, and Raven’s painful past will come back to haunt them. Despite everything, can Jax be the man that Raven needs him to be? Can Raven forgive him for what he’s done?

Can Jax come to terms with the tragedy that blackened his heart and give himself one last chance at true love?

If you like enemies to lovers or a bully hero, All of Nothing is perfect for you! Read it today! 


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wherever he goes new cover jpg

Aiden Price was minding his own business.

Hard to do when he resembles an A-list celebrity walking through LAX.

When a pretty woman stumbles into him, a paparazzo takes their picture . . .

. . . and all hell breaks loose. 

Katrina Ford can’t wait.

Her fiancé just dumped her, and she needs to fly home as soon as possible.

When the pilots suddenly strike, Katrina does the only thing she can do . . . accepts Aiden’s help. 

Driving from California to Minnesota won’t be easy.

But nothing is ever simple when speeding on love’s rocky road. 

If you love a road trip romance, buckle up and read Wherever He Goes today!

Tower City Romance Trilogy

Running Scared (Book Three of the Tower City Romance Trilogy)

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Chasing You and Running Scared for KDP Print 2

You can’t run away from yourself . . .

Ian Butler never thought he’d see Marta Braddock again, and it’s a dream come true when she moves back to Minnesota. In love with her for years, he finally has the chance to tell her–until a phone call and his troublesome little sister change everything.

Accepting a coaching position at her university alma mater, Marta is excited to return to Tower City. She’s missed her friends, including Ian. But because of her past, she is reluctant to reconnect with him in the way he hopes.

After Marta is involved in an accident while running a marathon, her position at the school is terminated and she feels she has no reason to stay in Minnesota, or Ian’s life.Marta has run away once before, and despite her secrets, Ian is desperate to keep her by his side once and for all.

But they will have to decide if being apart is easier than staying together.Like last time, maybe Ian will have no choice but to let her go.But maybe this time, Marta won’t look back.

Chasing You (Book Two of the Tower City Romance Trilogy)

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Chasing You and Running Scared for KDP Print

You can’t run from your past . . .

Frumpy, unhappy, and stuck in a rut, romance writer Alyssa Barnes needs a change. Tired of writing happily ever afters for her characters, she wants one for herself. When Brett Sommers offers her an opportunity to change her situation, she questions his motives and his sincerity.

Tower City marathon director Brett Sommers wants to run a new route in life, literally and figuratively. Bored and restless, he decides to write a running manual for beginners to broaden his career, and he asks Alyssa for help.

As they work together, obstacles from their pasts slow them down, and despite their growing attraction, their budding romance crumbles.Can they overcome their personal ghosts, or are they running toward a dead end?

Don’t Run Away (Book One of the Tower City Romance Trilogy)

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DON'T RUN AWAY paperback cover for KDP Print

They say you can’t run from your problems . . .

But that doesn’t stop Dane Montgomery from trying. Bitter, disillusioned, and burnt out, he needs a break and hires Nikki Halstead to be the manager of his running shoe store. Sparks fly, and despite her reluctance and his misgivings, Dane pursues her.

Nikki Halstead swore she would never date her boss, and for a time, she succeeds. But after being involved in a horrifying incident, Nikki is reminded of what matters most and decides to trust Dane with her heart. What she doesn’t count on is having to deal with the demons of his past.

When an old flame makes an unexpected appearance, Dane will have to decide if Nikki is worth fighting for, or if he’ll keep running and let his past determine his future.

Summer Secrets Novellas 4-6

Kindle ebook

summer secrets new cover 4-6

Secrets are lies.

Bailey and Cameron
Bailey has tried for years to have a baby, to no avail. Though she’s had the unshakeable support of her husband, Cameron, she’s always suspected he wants more. When she overhears a conversation not meant for her, Bailey must decide between what she wants and giving her husband the thing he desires most.
Cameron loves his wife and has stayed by her side through the trials of her infertility. Not wanting to burden Bailey, he’s kept his deepest feelings to himself.
After Bailey learns what Cameron has never wanted to reveal, can he persuade her to give their marriage a second chance?

Crystal and Nate
Reeling from a brutal loss, Crystal finds comfort and begins to heal. But her husband isn’t the one giving her what she needs to put the past behind her. When he questions her, will Crystal come clean, or convince him that putting the pieces of their lives back together is all that matters?

Nate’s life ended one fateful afternoon, and he’s cared about nothing since that horrendous day. When Crystal show signs she’s beginning to move on, Nate struggles with being left behind. Before their vacation ends, he must look within himself and decide if he, too, can move forward for his wife’s sake, or let her go.

Veronica and Zach
Veronica has lived in a little Minnesota tourist town all her life wanting more but never having the courage to try. When she literally bumps into Zach at the town bar, sparks fly, but he’s from a big city and she knows she’s out of his league.
Zach has had his eye on Veronica for a long time. He knows she deserves more than life in a small town with a damaged man. When Veronica finally finds the courage to live a new life, can Zach summon the courage to tell her how he feels so they move forward together?

Summer Secrets Novellas 1-3

Kindle ebook

Summer Secrets Novellas 1-3 New Cover

What you don’t know . . . can hurt you.

During their annual summer vacation to a fishing resort located in a small northern Minnesota tourist town, a group of friends attempts to keep secrets from each other with devastating results.

Janie and Vince
Vince has disliked Janie for years, but something changes when they are forced to share a cabin. Drawn to her, he confesses his feelings. Just when he thinks he’s making progress changing her mind about him, Janie reveals her own secret. Torn, Vince must decide how much he wants her, and what he’s willing to overlook to keep her.

Kara and Chuck
As Daddy’s Little Girl, Kara does whatever he asks. But when his demands become too much, she must choose between her parents and the love of her life. Chuck has loved Kara for years but knew he could never compete with her lifestyle—especially dealing with his own family’s difficulties. When it seems as if they finally have a chance at happiness, they will need to decide if their secrets will bring them even closer or tear them apart.

Alycia and Bryce
A couple since they were kids, Alycia has taken Bryce for granted for years. One night, drunk and resentful, he does something about it. Bitter, Alycia retaliates, taking her anger out on him and causing them more pain than either thought possible. After months of fighting, will they choose to give each other another chance, or call it quits before they hurt each other beyond repair?

The Corner of 1700 Hamilton

1700 Hamilton

While drowning his sorrows in a small downtown bar, Ben Langdon meets Lila. Only problem? She’s taken. Cutting his losses, he heads home. Intercepted by a phone call from a stranger pleading for help and an address he doesn’t recognize, Ben is led to The Maze, an eerie dance club of which he knows little except its motto: “One way in. No way out.” Leaving behind the woman of his dreams, Ben steps into the nightmare of his life.

On the Corner of Hamilton and Main

As Lila Donahue is acting as maid of honor for her best friend, she meets Ben in a little downtown bar on the night of the bachelorette party. He disappears into the cold night’s air, and because of the celebration, Lila tries to forget him. Later that night, much to Lila’s dismay, the bride-to-be wants to party at The Maze. Reluctantly, Lila participates only to be pulled into a reality that exceeds all her wildest dreams.

Under Lock and Key Kindle Cover
Under Lock and Key (Novelette)

Finding her way to Washington from Minnesota, Avery makes the journey to claim land she inherited from a man she never knew. Will she find what she’s looking for in the stranger she meets there? Or has she made the trip for naught?

This novelette is only available on Kindle, here.