Holly Evans () tagged me in this little Twitter game. You should totally follow her, if  you don’t already. She’s a lot of fun and a little birdie told me that she’s going to have some pretty excellent stuff coming out; you’ll want to be around for that. Her #writersbucketlist is here.  Anyway, I tucked it away for a couple days. I had to mull it over because I hadn’t really thought of what I wanted to do in such a large capacity. I mean, who wants to write down everything they are going to fail at, all their hopes and dreams and stare those down? I could have been a spoil sport and just said, “I want to be published in some kind of capacity,” but I figured that was a cop out and besides, maybe it would be good for me to write down some goals.

So, without further ado, here is my #writersbucketlist. I’m 41 so I only have 60 years to get these done.

♥     Finish my novella and publish the damn thing. So, I’m working on it. I am. I just never counted on a total brain freeze 3,000 words from the end. I know how it will end, I just need to get them there. That is my first and foremost goal. Kindle for sure, maybe CreateSpace. We’ll see.

♥     Finish my romance duet. One is done, being beta-read, will soon be edited and read some more, edited some more. Then I have its sister to write. I’m three chapters into the story. I would like to submit them to Harlequin, see where that goes. I’ll self-publish them if I don’t get anywhere. That doesn’t bother me in the least.

♥     Finish my fantasy series. I have written five books, (the fifth needs an ending, but I already know how it ends so that won’t be a problem.)  They need to be edited, fleshed out, etc. and I figure that is going to be at least a year long project, getting them to shine. Those books are my babies though, and I will do something magical with them. I really will.

I just took you through all my works in progress I have going right now. I need to finish them up, clear up my writing schedule. When I am done with those, this is where my plans get tricky. I haven’t been writing for long, just over a year. I have an English degree that is 17 years old, and back then, yes I wrote a lot. Then life took over and I have just picked it back up again. I have never felt as good as sitting down and letting that first fantasy book pour out of my fingers. It was like I had finally found my place after all these years. I’ll never stop writing again. As far as what I want to do…

♥     I want to write something deep, dark, heavy. I suffered severe depression for many years. I tried to commit suicide four times, I cut for 13 years. I would like to take those experiences and turn them into something twisted, something black. Something that would make someone put my book down and think, “I am so glad that is not my life.” Something that would make someone do this: IMG_3226



♥     Through it all I want to work on my writing, work on my style, work on finding my voice. Get better.

♥     I want to pay it forward. And by “it” I mean, all the help, support and friendship I have found on Twitter and in my writing group where I live. I want to support other indie authors, either by beta reading, editing, reading and reviewing. I feel so blessed to have been welcomed into such wonderful writing communities.

I suppose that completes my list, for now. As I’m able to check things off, I hope I will add more. Someone told me once I had such a vivid imagination, so many ideas bouncing around my brain, and I told him, if those voices ever stop, I will quit writing. So I hope I always have characters wanting, needing, out of my head.

Thank you, if you made it this far. Tell me what your #writersbucketlist is.

2 thoughts on “#WritersBucketList

  1. Dark City & Red Spiral will both hopefully be my emotionally crippling to read books, they’re both coming from a history of sexual abuse and deep depression, so I completely understand that one. It took me 6 months to write the end of my novella, like you I froze so close to the end! lol

    These are all really awesome goals, you’ve definitely helped a lot of people on Twitter, and I look forward to seeing where your writing goes 🙂


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