Is the Water Warm?

I’ve been on Twitter since October of 2015 (my bio says 2013, but I didn’t participate, and it’s why I don’t have a cool handle). Anyway, not very long. I started participating because I was writing something and I wanted to meet other writers who were also writing things or had written things. Book promos are everywhere, people blog about writing, people vlog about writing, and people play a ton of writing games. It’s easy to get sucked in, to feel like a writer on Twitter.

So I started to get antsy. I had written a five book fantasy series (the last needs to be completed and they all need to be edited) and I wrote a trainwreck of a NaNoWriMo project that needs to be gutted and almost completely rewritten. But I wanted to publish. Instead of working on my works in progress, I decided to write something just to self-publish. I opened the file for Ben on, hold on let me look, March 1st. I’m almost ready to publish, five months later.   Was it worth it to take time out of my other projects to do this?  I think so. I’m proud of the story, I’m proud of how it came out.

This series is about the publishing process I’m going to go through. There a lot of questions, who, what, why, where, and to a newbie like me, it’s tough to decide where you want to go, who to listen to.

I’m going to assume you have a manuscript that’s almost ready to go, because that’s where I’m at, and, really, if you don’t have something that’s almost publishable, you should be writing, not reading this. Get your book, novella, short story, anthology, written, then come back. This blog isn’t going anywhere. I don’t even use it for anything but throwing up things I’ve written that don’t have anywhere else to go. (Although Kindle Direct Publishing does have a quick reads division that I didn’t know about until recently, (thank you Joshua Edward Smith, find him on Twitter at@alfageeek, he’s got a great blog too) so I might offer one of my novelettes on there, too.)

Write your book . . . then let’s get started.

1 thought on “Is the Water Warm?

  1. Welcome to the club! It’s an amazing journey and gets better the moment you sell your first book to a total stranger!


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