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Now, I guess I’m lame because it wasn’t until recently I taught myself how to add a font to my font choices in Word. When I published 1700, I used what was available because it was easier, and publishing for the first time, I had other things on my mind. But if you have been looking at book covers and want a cool font, I’ll tell you how to get it, if you don’t already know. Do you ever feel late to the party, like everyone knows something and you don’t? I felt like that with font, but what the heck? If I didn’t know about it, chances are there may be someone out there who doesn’t know it either.

The first thing is to search and find a site that offers font free for commercial use. It’s what I always tell you when you’re looking for something online to use in, or for, your book. I downloaded a few fonts from this website. You’ll have to make sure if you use this site, you are using the ones free for commercial use because there are some fonts that are only for personal use. But you can look for your own website, too.

After you choose one and download it, it looks like this in my Downloads file.


I downloaded a font called Coraline’s Cat Regular. I don’t know where I’ll ever use it, but it looks cool. And I made sure it was free for commercial use.

Next, open the OpenType font file:


You’ll get a preview of the font with the Install option:


Click on Install and it will show up in your Word font menu. I had to scroll down and look for it, but it was there:


And that’s it. It’s such a little thing, but one that could make a big difference on your cover.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Book Cover: Font

  1. Just a word of caution not to go overboard on fancy fonts that are unreadable. I think we’ve all seen those covers, and the last thing you want is to make it hard for readers to read the title, or your name.


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