Book Cover 3: Another Try

I couldn’t get it out of my head that I had a sucky cover for Running to Love. I can’t let things go, and I wanted to try again. I went through a few combinations of photos, thought more about what the book was about, and realized, again, what I realized with 1700–you can’t put your whole book on the cover.

Running to Love has certain elements: both of the characters run, hence the name. It takes place in the fall. They fall in love. They are outside a lot . . . running. Okay, you get the idea. I tried the “running” aspect of the book and it didn’t go that well, I just couldn’t find pictures that would work, or my level of expertise is such that I couldn’t make them work. So I tried the “in love” part and the “fall/autumn” part, and this is what I came up with:


It entirely misses the “running” aspect, but we’ve got the love part in there. I would need to be more careful with the photo since I just realized that woman is a brunette and my main female character is a blonde.

But this is quite an improvement over the others that I posted before. In fact, I looked up contemporary romance covers and found something similar on the covers of Bella Andre’s books, and at wits’ end, copied hers. Which, if you are running out of ideas and are going to pull your hair out at any minute, isn’t a bad idea. Especially since Bella Andre is a best-selling author, she, or her team, obviously know what they are doing. Why not learn from the best?

The only thing I could think of to do at this point, if I didn’t like this well enough, would be to maybe think of a different title. The title of the book, what the book is about, and the cover, all go together. I can’t change what the book is about, that would be silly, but I could do more to make the cover and title mesh.

Another idea I just had was to add something to the back that would depict the story was about running, say a pair of tennis shoes, or a couple running down an autumn trail. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on pictures, and on Can Stock, the photos for this cover would have cost 14 dollars. But you do have options.

Anyway, besides having to scrap the top photo because the coloring of the woman is wrong, I would maybe go with this. Perhaps I would make the bottom photo a bit smaller, make the top photo a bit bigger. Maybe make the title pop more. Play with the fonts because these are standard in Word, and maybe you want something more original.

I’m glad I can calm down now. This was bugging me because I knew I could do better. Now that I have a better feel for what I want, I’ll have better luck tinkering with it.

Okay, I’ll do cover templates another time.

Thanks for reading!

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