#Smutchat Writer’s Platform Giveaway

Thank you for joining #smutchat tonight! I hope you enjoyed talking about writer's platform! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to chat about during one of my chats, let me know! It doesn't have to be about smut/romance--anything about writing/publishing/editing and everything in-between will do! Tonight's giveaway is the wonderful book … Continue reading #Smutchat Writer’s Platform Giveaway

#Smutchat Conflict Giveaway

Thank you for participating in #smutchat! I hope you're having fun and maybe picking up some writing tips and tricks as we go along. Today's giveaway is Master Lists for Writers by Bryn Donovan (@BrynDonovan ). She has a lovely website too--check it out here. As always, this giveaway is open internationally. Good luck! You'll love this … Continue reading #Smutchat Conflict Giveaway

#SmutChat Plotting Part 2 Giveaway!

Thank you for participating in tonight's #smutchat! I appreciate you taking the time to make #smutchat a success, and I hope you had a wonderful time! The giveaway tonight is Libbie Hawker's (@LibHawker) Take Off Your Pants! I hope you find the book useful in your writing endeavors. Thanks for playing, and I'll see you next … Continue reading #SmutChat Plotting Part 2 Giveaway!

Don’t Rush to Publish!

Probably the best advice I can give you about publishing is not to rush. I’ve always promoted doing as much as you can yourself—especially since your first book is pretty much a loss until you write more and have more books available for purchase. When it’s when it’s your only book available, you’ll never get … Continue reading Don’t Rush to Publish!